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The 30-day Brand Improvement Program - 14.99$
Afrika Branding on Steroids
The Continuous Brand Improvement (CBI) Process is a simple methodology among other methodologies
that any committed company can follow to improve the brand-centric nature of their business and come into functional alignment with their brand promise.


Afrikan Marketing Toolkit - 19.99$
For Afrikans by Afrikans
**Toolbox in a Handbook**

Frequently Asked Questions

Afrika Marketing ToolKit
What is the Afrika Marketing Toolkit?
A piece of Content Well Crafted to act as a go to toolbox for Afrikan Marketers to be both left and right sided or be creative either!

The 30 day Brand Improvement Program
What is the 30 day Brand Improvement Program
A Do It Yourself walkthrough to help improve Your Brand to have Cult-like features and string emotions

Mother Land Marketing RoadMap
I know you don’t like to sell, but can you afford not to? Don’t worry, I give you all the tools, scripts, and resources that you need so it’s easy to close like a GENEIUS (that means with integrity, like a "beast", and while having fun).

Afrika Marketing ToolKit
Does it handle both Digital and Physical Scenarios of Afrika Marketing?
Yes! It does it includes both disruptive physical tactics and digital Branded and Engagement Tactics in Mobile Afrika Markets